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  • Dining in the Dark Fundraiser

    Picture this: you’re about to enjoy a meal, but there’s a twist – you can’t see a thing. Dinner in the dark is where you get to eat a delicious meal in complete darkness- whether it’s in a pitch-black room or with an eye mask on. Sounds crazy, right?

    So, are you ready to step into the unknown and give your senses a treat they’ll never forget? Let’s dive into the world of Dining in the Dark and discover the magic of eating in a whole new way!

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Pre School Vision Screening

This is our longest continual run program in Wesley Chapel Lions.  We screen at more than 20 -30 day care centers in the community and our team would do twice that number with support from the community.  

Children who cannot see properly never learn to read and often have behavioral issues.  A child has not idea that what they see in their mind does not reflect the reality of the world around them.

There are 6 eye diseases that if not found before the age of 7 are not curable.  On average 6.8% of the children screened are referred to a optometrist for a full exam. If the family cannot afford the exam, the club will make arrangements.    

Read For A Ride Program

Annually we support the Denham Oaks Elementary School with a budget of $2,500.

The first program is the Shop for teachers program every December / January.  We ask all of the teachers to provide a list of supplies they need to finish the year strong.   Our members then go out and shop for them and provide their requested items -- we do more than just send cash.

Grade 3 "Read for a Ride" program/ program  Each student is encouraged to read and submit a book report book each week for 20 weeks.  They receive a ticket for every one they do. Every month we hold a draw for $300 worth of kid appropriate games and toys.  At the last assembly we also give away 10 Bicycles.  We have witnessed a significant improvement in test scores.  More importantly the love or reading continues in the following grades where they "Read to Learn!"    

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